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A “hole” in one at The Doughtnut Hole

As many know, the Haymarket in Lincoln has been under construction for a while. And now a number of new restaurants, bars and eateries are finally ready for business. We recently stopped by  the newly developed Public Market in the Railyard, home to a new delicious doughtnut shop, The Doughtnut Hole.

Founded by two brothers (Nate and Lucas Gingery), The Doughnut Hole brings delicious fried sugary goodness to the downtown Lincoln crowd. Featuring a number of unique flavor combinations, The Doughnut Hole’s gourmet doughnuts are served in three styles: standard, filled/glazed and deluxe. On our first trip through the line we couldn’t help but buy three different kinds.

We started our afternoon snack with an Apple-Cinnamon-Vanilla cake doughnut. This perfectly dense cake doughnut was bold in flavor and lived up to its name. The apple and cinnamon complemented each other nicely and the vanilla glaze added the perfect amount of sweetness.


Our next bite was from the strawberry glazed doughnut. This doughtnut was everything we were expecting from a gourmet doughtnut, light and fluffy with the perfect amount of glaze. The strawberry glaze was by far the star of this one, it had great strawberry flavor and featured little morsels of strawberry. The ratio of glaze to donut was awesome. It took a lot of self-control to not just inhale this one and get back in line and buy another. This is definitely a go-to breakfast bite.


We saved the most gourmet of the three for the last tasting–the maple-bacon Long John. This Long John had a perfect base of fluffy, fried dough topped with a generous helping of maple flavored goodness. While we would normally be happy with just the maple Long John, this one was topped with fresh bacon! The balance of sweet, salty and fluffy was perfection. This is definitely a must try, however your fingers will be a little sticky from the maple glaze. But, who doesn’t love licking maple from their fingers?


We’re excited to see this new type of foodie place in Lincoln and especially in Nebraska. We can’t wait to go back on Husker game days and grab one before the game.

Have you been to The Doughtnut Hole yet? Let us know what you think in the comments below.



  1. Best doughnuts in town! This is such a nice addition to the Haymarket area.

  2. They go some cronuts up in this bitch?


    • Jordan,

      I don’t think they have Cronuts, yet, but it’s a good suggestion.


  3. I have never checked out the Haymarket area! I may have to make a special little trip from Council Bluffs just to try this new doughnut place… looks awesome.

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