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Lincoln Secret Supper – Marketing Efforts Overview

A few weeks ago I attended, “The Evolution of a Revolution-How the marketing of Lincoln Secret Supper is changing Lincoln’s food and drink landscape”, a marketing luncheon hosted by the American Marketing Association (AMA) of Lincoln. AMA hosted Dan Parsons of Parsons PR and the co-founder of Lincoln’s food revolution, “Lincoln Secret Supper.”

Lincoln Secret SupperFor those who don’t know, Lincoln Secret Supper’s mission is to create “an intimate dining experience for a select few who appreciate meeting new people, stimulating conversation and a night of unbridled culinary fun.” The “suppers” are announced to members of the club with a limit of 30-seats per event. After the 30-attendees are set, the details of the event are slowly released to retain the “secret” factor. Each supper features a chef and mixologist whom together plan and execute the nights meal and drink pairings. The event is held at a secret location, only being revealed to the attendees days before the meal.

At the luncheon Dan shared with the group the history of Lincoln Secret Supper and how the movement was first conceived. He explained how LSS has used grass roots marketing to attract new members. Dan and his wife Sunny work with a small core group of designers and PR folks to market LSS and with great success with 500+ members of the club. The LSS events create ongoing mystery and for foodies like myself, you don’t want to miss one. The idea that everything from the meal, drinks, decor, setting and overall design are custom for you is pretty awesome.

While listening to Dan’s presentation, I enjoyed a delicious meal from Lincoln Secret Supper personal chef Lawrence De Villers from The Normandy. Lawrence prepared a three-course meal paired with fresh iced tea.

To kick off the meal we enjoyed Salade verte et sa gougere au fromage (Salade mix served with a puff pastry). The salad was light and fragrant served with a homemade puff pastry. The main course was Quiche Lorraine (French savory pie). The quiche was flaky and fluffy with a perfect amount of saltiness from the bacon. It was served with a vegetable puree that made for the perfect bite. To conclude the meal, Lawrence prepared a french original “crepe au chocolat.” Two freshly prepared crepes stuffed with chocolate and raspberry puree. The dessert course was by far the best and tasted as if it was stuffed with brownie batter.

 The Normandy Lunch

While the event was only an hour, the presentation provided great insight into the food/drink movement that is quickly taking over Lincoln. I can’t wait to receive the announcement for what’s in store for the next LSS.

Have you joined the club yet? What are you waiting for, join now.

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